Summary of Regulations

The final Supplementary regulation, along with the permit, would be linked here once these are approved by FMSCI. In the meanwhile we are giving below the overall gist of regulations for information of participants and interested people. If you have any query please drop in an email to us. 


NAME : Speed Sprint XVIII

PLACE : Gurgaon, India
DATE : 02 September, 2018
Surface : Tarmac
Number of Tracks : Two
Number of Runs : One per track
Timing : Timing Beam or Manual

Speed Sprint XVIII will be run in autocross sprint rally format on tarmac track totally closed to any other traffic. The Speed Sprint XVIII will be run in compliance with the International Sporting Code of the FIA, the FMSCI GP for autocross sprints where applicable, and these Supplementary Regulations

01 August, 2018 : At the office of Incarnation Sports
Opening of Entries From: 1000 hrs
02 September, 2018
At the Rally Office, Gurgaon, India
Closing Date of Entries: 1200 hrs
Scrutineering From: 0700 hrs to 1400 hrs
Drivers Briefing At: 0800 hrs
Controlled Recce At: 0830 hrs
Start of Races with opening of race gates At: 0900 hrs
End of Races with closing of race gates At: 1700 hrs
Publication of the Provisional Final Classification At: 1800 hrs
Final Scrutineering At: 1630 hrs
Prize Giving At: 2030 hrs
The entry fees specified is :
Early Fee INR 3000/- : For entries received up to August 26, 2018
Standard Fee INR 4,000/- : For entries received by August 31, 2018
Last Day Fee INR 5,000/- : For entries made at the spot
Entry fee per race ONLY includes an opportunity to participate in the Speed Sprint XVIII for one race. Entry fee does not include applicable FMSCI license or insurance of vehicle or the driver.
Sum of timing from amongst distinct best three members of team would be taken to form classification. Team members may or may not be from one group.
For Team entries, in addition to prevailing entry fees Manufacturers & Trade Team Entry fee of INR 1,00,000 per team of 3 vehicles. will be charged.
INR.2,000/ per member of team
The entry can be paid by Demand Draft or Electronic Transfer in favour of
Incarnation Sports (P) Ltd
Account #08401131003717
Oriental Bank of Commerce Sector 19 Gurgaon
Online at PayUMoney through
Timing will be to the nearest second from a standing start to a flying finish. Live and updated display of timing on web and on site would be available immediately on completion of the race. The results of the competition will be based on each competitor’s cumulation of time for the two stages used for qualifying races and any penalties incurred.
The Speed Sprint XVIII is open to all 4 wheeler vehicles in due possession of a valid registration certificate. In general all road going vehicle are eligible for racing.
These vehicles must comply with the safety specifications laid down by the International Convention on Road Traffic, as well as the safety specifications laid down by the FMSCI regulations governing rallies.
Modifications in regards to forced induction are free only for the Zap group. All other modifications to engine, body shell or the chassis are free for all groups and classes.
Spare components and tools, if carried in the passenger compartment, must be securely fastened. Rear seats and spare wheel need not be carried.
It is NOT permitted to install an auxiliary fuel tank
A vehicle will not be allowed to start unless it is conforms to minimum safety requirements as specified below.
  1. Safety harness (minimum 3 POINT) for driver
  2. BIS Approved Helmets for driver
  3. The front windscreen must be laminated & the front door windows must be closed during the competition.
  4. A Fire extinguisher
  5. Tyres must have at least 3mm tread depth at the start of the event.
To be eligible a driver has to have a valid civil driving license for entering this event plus a valid and applicable FMSCI / National/ International Rally Driver license for the year 2018.
Drivers would be categorised into three streams for purposes of all classifications : Expert, Novice & Beginners.


Are all drivers seeded by FMSCI or other ASN’s or have won overall or class podium in any NON TSD event in past three years like:
  • Raid-de-Himalaya
  • Desert Storm
  • Autocross
  • Speed Sprint
  • OYA
This list is not exhaustive but only illustrative.


Drivers who have participated in NON TSD events like listed above but have not won any overall or class podium would grouped as Novice.


All other drivers who have not participated in any motorsport events would be grouped as beginners.
  1. ZIP Group : This is group open only for beginners driving cars that may or may not be modified in any aspect.
  2. ZAP Group: This is group open only for novices driving cars that may or may not be modified in any aspect.
  3. ZOOM Group: This group is open for entry by all driving cars that may or may not be modified in any aspect.
A driver can only be running all his / her races in one group only. e.g. a novice driver will not be allowed to run some races under ZIP group and some under ZOOM group.
Within each group the following classes would be formed, subject to minimum of three entries being registered. In case a class is not formed it will be merged in to higher cubic capacity class, if available, or in Open class:
  1. Cars 2WD Below 1200cc
  2. Cars 2WD From 1200cc <1600cc
  3. Cars 2WD From 1600cc <2000cc
  4. Cars 2WD +2000cc
  5. Petrol Open
  6. Diesel Open
  7. AWD/4WD < 2000cc
  8. AWD/4WD +2000cc
  9. Open
For Forced Induction vehicles, including O.E. fitments, a factor of 1.5 will be applied to basic engine capacity for determination of group. A similar factor would be applied for vehicles having gas charge system on board irrespective of the fact that it is used or otherwise.
If a class has less than 5 entries it may be merged with an upper class at organisers discretion. Ordinarily there shall be NO amalgamation of Groups. Organisers at their discretion may introduce special prizes across the groups. e.g. Lady driver, Young driver, etc.
Only those drivers who have passed the administrative checks may present themselves with their vehicle equipped with its plates and numbers for scrutiny.
Competitors not conforming to the norms would be automatically disqualified and their entry fees would be forfeited. No vehicle will be allowed to start unless it complies with the safety regulations prescribed in the FMSCI 4W Technical Regulations.
The scrutiny card cum race card must be carried in the vehicle till the start of race at which point of time it is to be surrendered.
Loss of the scrutiny card may result in exclusion for that race.
A driver may present the vehicle for scrutiny through representative. In case of one vehicle being shared by multiple drivers the same may be presented for scrutiny by any one of the drivers or an representative.
No vehicle is allowed to be driven, from the start till end of the event, by any other person than the registered driver at pain of exclusion.
A general briefing will be held as per itinerary. All competitors need to sign their presence in the register maintained at the venue for this purpose. Absence of signature will be deemed as absence at the briefing and sanctions would apply as the presence of driver is compulsory on pain of exclusion
At the Start of the event a race cum scrutiny card shall be issued to each competitor. At start of each race the competitor shall hand this over to the time control. Each crew is solely responsible for his/her race card up to that point. Any changes or amendment made to the card will result in exclusion, unless such correction or amendment has been approved in writing by the controller. The controllers are the only persons allowed to enter the time on the time card, by hand or by means of a print-out.
The loss of a Race Card will entail exclusion.


The qualifying races shall start with opening of race gates and will cease with closing of race gates as per official program. It is competitors sole responsibility to ensure that he joins the start line in time to complete races as per his/her race card(s). Qualifying races would form the basis for group and class classifications.
The exact time of crossing the Flying Finish will be timed to the second. After completion of all races, all vehicles will remain parked in parc ferme.
A vehicle must enter the race area by its own means, with the engine running; moving under the power of the starter-motor alone is not allowed
It is forbidden, under pain of exclusion:
  1. To drive in the opposite direction
  2. To transport vehicles except under their own power and driven by registered driver.
  3. Deliberately to block the passage of the vehicles, or to prevent them from overtaking.
  4. To behave in any unsporting manner.
The wearing of safety harnesses is compulsory throughout the Event including all road sections.
Under the Laws of India any accident out of which a claim may arise should be reported to the nearest police station.
Any competitor involved in an accident which results in physical harm will be subject to an investigation by the Jury of Sporting Stewards. Depending on the circumstances, penalties may be applied in form of time or Cash, including disqualification.


Only the top / fastest eight drivers of the qualifying races would run the final race for overall classification.
These races will be run on a single designated stage after the qualifying classification is final.
All drivers will use same vehicle provided by the organisers to establish timing.
Any penalty incurred during the qualifying race would be added to the over time for establishing overall classification.
No practice will be allowed
A starter is any driver having passed scrutiny and crossed the start line under the power of car’s engine.
Re-runs will be permitted only when a red flag has been shown during the race. All other incidents will be treated as “force majeure”.
If a driver in a qualifying deliberately causes a re-run by crowding or obstruction, the driver concerned may be excluded, at the Stewards’ discretion.
Timing will be by Stop watch or electronic beams, to one tenth of a second.


Repairs are authorised at all times in areas other than forbidden.
RACE AREA IS DESIGNATED AS UNSUITABLE FOR ASSISTANCE VEHICLES. Assistance between competitors in the race area is not allowed.
All controls, i.e. Time Controls at start and finish of race section, will be indicated by means of standardized signs of FMSCI/ FIA. The stopping time within any control area must not exceed the time necessary for carrying out control operations. It is strictly forbidden to enter or leave a control area from any direction other than that prescribed by the itinerary of the event or to re-enter a control area once checking in has taken place at this control. Any infringement will result in exclusion.
The Official Time throughout the entire rally will be Indian Standard Time expressed by GPS Time in accordance with the 24 hour clock. Hours and minutes & seconds will be shown thus e.g. 22:01:46
Start of the race will be given with manual count down or signal lights. At the end of section the time would be recorded at the moment the vehicles crosses the flying finish line.


  1. Failure at Scrutiny / Failure to meet Vehicle Requirements: Disqualification
  2. Absence at Briefing: Disqualification
  3. Absence of 1 Rally Number/Plate: INR 1,000
  4. Absence of 2 Rally Number/Plate: NR 1,000
  5. Missing ID Tag : INR 3,000
  6. Improper Advertising:INR 3,000 to 10,000
  7. Non-Reporting for Admin Check: Disqualification
  8. Non-Reporting at Scrutiny: Disqualification
  9. Unsporting Behaviour: Disqualification
  10. Not Wearing Seat Belts/Helmets: Disqualification
  11. Causing Injury/Rash & Negligent Behaviour: Disqualification
  12. Failure to Hand over Time Card at control: Disqualification
  13. Late at start by 10 minutes: Disqualification
  14. Loss of Time Card : Disqualification
  15. Failure to start within 20 sec. of Start Signal : Disqualification
  16. False Start : Disqualification
  17. Not Stopping at or before Stop Sign : Disqualification
  18. Infringements of ParcFerméRegulations : Disqualification
Note: All monetary fines / penalties above to be sent to FMSCI as per Art 12.7 of FIA Sporting Code


Overall trophy’s for the first, second and third would be awarded.
For each group trophy’s for first, second and third in each class will be awarded.
Trophy for the winning team will be awarded.
The Organisers may at their discretion offer awards in addition to those specified in these Supplementary Regulations.