Speed Sprint XII – Press Release

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallMotor Sport Races in Jaipur

The twelfth edition of Speed Sprint will be held at Vatika Infotech City, Ajmer Road, Jaipur on Sunday, July 19, 2015

There is heavy registration for the event, with entries from various parts of Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana & Uttar Pradesh already registered.

Vatika Info-Tech City, Ajmer Road  had been our infrastructure partner since year 2012.  This venue has fully developed road infrastructure.

Speed Sprint will be organized over a specially-designed tarmac track spread over 6 kilometers. The track is highly challenging, and will have a number of obstacles and tricky turns to test the skill of the drivers to the limit.

Ever since the first edition of Speed Sprint, which was organized at Chandigarh in September 2012, the event is a huge draw for participants and motor sports lovers. Last year too Speed Sprint was organized in Jaipur, and registered very high participation.

Early in the morning vehicle scrutiny is held. Each vehicle will be tested for participation as per the stringent safety regulations of the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of India (FMSCI). The competitive rounds will begin from 8:00am on wards and last through the day.

Speed Sprint is organized by InCarNation Sports, a Delhi base, motor sports organisation. The core organizing team are experienced motor sportsmen and have been involved in all major motor sports events like F1, Raid-de-Himalaya, Desert Storm, Autocross,  etc.

Sudev Barar, Director InCarNation Sports says “The purpose of organizing such events across various locations in India is to encourage motor sport in the country. Youngsters like speeding, and testing themselves against challenging tracks. But racing should not be done on public roads, or in open traffic. Racing should only be on regulated tracks, and at an organized event.” He added “Hence, our purpose is to create a regulated speed event where competitors race among the best, and emerge as winners.” Motor sports has recently gained recognition from Ministry of Sports and is set to grow.

Speed Sprint competition is not just about flat tarmac racing. The track is highly competitive and technical, with elements that test the control of vehicle in braking and quick turning. There are special categories for local drivers and women drivers.

The competitors can participate in the event on a motor cycle, car, SUV, etc. Basically any vehicle that is used on road. The winners of past rounds get free entry at Speed Sprint and this gives chance for local competitors to compete with the best.

Speed Sprint photography contest will also be held at the same time. Any one can participate by submitting pictures from the event day. Winners are adjudged by maximum likes on social media.

Keeping safety in mind the event does not have a mass start. Instead each participant in each category will be given an individual time start. And the finish time is going to be monitored by a electronic computer controller, so that it is accurate to the fraction of a second.