Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallWhat is a Speed Sprint?
Speed Sprint is a single stage sprint rally that is run on tarmac surface. The track varies in length from 4 km to 7 km.
What is a category?
Speed Sprint is run in three categories. Zip. Zap. Zoom. All category use the same track.
What is difference in Zip Zap Zoom?
Zip is for normal road going cars with or without tuning modifications. Zap is for rally prepared cars. Zoom category is for two wheeler participants.
Which vehicle can I drive?
You can drive any vehicle including normal road going cars. Each category has groups based on considerations like engine capacity, ladies, local, open etc.
Who can enter?
 Any one with a valid driving license can enter Speed Sprint with vehicle(s) of their choice.
How can I enter?
You register online. You will get pre-filled form by email that you need to sign and bring to the event. Email will also give direction on payment and amount based on number of slots booked by you.
What is a slot?
Each entry is termed a slot in Speed Sprint. We have limited time window available to complete the competition hence available slots are limited.
How many tries are allowed per slot?
With each entry – slot – we allow two runs of the track. Best time of the two runs is taken for results.
How many slots can I book?
You can book multiple slots in one class or group or multiple groups. You can also run a rally car in Zap as well as Zip category. No restriction on modifications. Only engine capacity determines your group.
If I enter multiple times can I win multiple prizes?
Within one category – Zip/Zap/Zoom you can win only one overall prize. However within each group you can also win group prize once. However to do this you would have to register for multiple slots.
Can I enter different group/class using a single slot?
No. You will have to do multiple entries for competing in different groups / classes
How can I enter multiple group / class?
By doing multiple entries you can enter different groups / classes with the same driver + vehicle combination. A vehicle in smaller class can always compete in a higher class.
Can I transfer my entry?
Sorry. You cannot transfer entry. The vehicle may be changed any time up to scrutiny but change of driver is not permitted.