Speed Sprint 1402

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallAfter an interesting season in 2013 we now line up events for 2014 bringing in newer venues and tracks to the competitors.

So the next Speed Sprint will be held at the romantic and historic city of Agra.  Book your calendars for February 09, 2014 to be at this fast and furious competition. The event will be organized jointly with Motorsports Club, Agra. Responding to inputs from Speed Sprint enthusiasts some minor tweaks have been done for this event:

  1. Registrations would start with new year
  2. Yes it is all tarmac track
  3. The exact venue layout will be released only 36 hours before the event as usual
  4. The track is in Agra
  5. Forced induction will attract 1.5 multiplier (turbo / supercharger)
  6. Zip and Zip+ for novice and experienced drivers
  7. No speed breakers on the track
  8. 9 handbrake turn opportunities
  9. 21 direction change elements
  10. Tight and very challenging track
  11. Acceleration and handling will be key elements for winning

A new sub-categorization within the ZIP will keep Novice and Pro competing in separate categories thus keeping a level and even field.

Modification are allowed to your hearts content. And whats more there would be couple of performance tuners putting up their desk at the event to help you realize the best from your vehicle.