Speed Sprint XII – Press Release

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallMotor Sport Races in Jaipur

The twelfth edition of Speed Sprint will be held at Vatika Infotech City, Ajmer Road, Jaipur on Sunday, July 19, 2015

There is heavy registration for the event, with entries from various parts of Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana & Uttar Pradesh already registered.

Vatika Info-Tech City, Ajmer Road  had been our infrastructure partner since year 2012.  This venue has fully developed road infrastructure.

Speed Sprint will be organized over a specially-designed tarmac track spread over 6 kilometers. The track is highly challenging, and will have a number of obstacles and tricky turns to test the skill of the drivers to the limit.

Ever since the first edition of Speed Sprint, which was organized at Chandigarh in September 2012, the event is a huge draw for participants and motor sports lovers. Last year too Speed Sprint was organized in Jaipur, and registered very high participation.

Early in the morning vehicle scrutiny is held. Each vehicle will be tested for participation as per the stringent safety regulations of the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of India (FMSCI). The competitive rounds will begin from 8:00am on wards and last through the day.

Speed Sprint is organized by InCarNation Sports, a Delhi base, motor sports organisation. The core organizing team are experienced motor sportsmen and have been involved in all major motor sports events like F1, Raid-de-Himalaya, Desert Storm, Autocross,  etc.

Sudev Barar, Director InCarNation Sports says “The purpose of organizing such events across various locations in India is to encourage motor sport in the country. Youngsters like speeding, and testing themselves against challenging tracks. But racing should not be done on public roads, or in open traffic. Racing should only be on regulated tracks, and at an organized event.” He added “Hence, our purpose is to create a regulated speed event where competitors race among the best, and emerge as winners.” Motor sports has recently gained recognition from Ministry of Sports and is set to grow.

Speed Sprint competition is not just about flat tarmac racing. The track is highly competitive and technical, with elements that test the control of vehicle in braking and quick turning. There are special categories for local drivers and women drivers.

The competitors can participate in the event on a motor cycle, car, SUV, etc. Basically any vehicle that is used on road. The winners of past rounds get free entry at Speed Sprint and this gives chance for local competitors to compete with the best.

Speed Sprint photography contest will also be held at the same time. Any one can participate by submitting pictures from the event day. Winners are adjudged by maximum likes on social media.

Keeping safety in mind the event does not have a mass start. Instead each participant in each category will be given an individual time start. And the finish time is going to be monitored by a electronic computer controller, so that it is accurate to the fraction of a second.

Event Schedule

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallSpeed Sprint scheduling is done to facilitate participants from outstation to join the event in a single day.  Time tables for the event activities is given below:

Event Schedule for Racing Sunday:

  • 0600 Area closed to other traffic : This is done early morning to sanitize the competition area from other traffic.
  • 0700 Registration office opens : The race office opens early allow participants to get their race cards in time. The race office remains open through the day to allow new entries and additional runs.
  • 0700 Scrutiny of vehicles in parking bay : Scrutiny of vehicles opens early and remains open till mid-day. This way participants from out station can report late and still race.
  • 0830 Reece run for all participants : Drivers briefing and a convoy run is available to those interested to study track layout. Participants can walk the track any time,
  • 0900 Start gates open : 1600 Start gates close : Once you have your race cards and scrutiny completed you can join the race queue at the gate. The gate will close at scheduled time and competitors are responsible to complete their races within this time.
  • 1600 Provisional Results : All races and rankings would be live through the day. As soon as the last race is over and race gate close the provisional results will be displayed.
  • 1700 Prize distribution : The event terminates with distribution of trophies to winners in groups, classes and overall.

Speed Sprint Entry Procedure

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallIn most motor sports event making your registration and completing associated paper work is confusing and cumbersome. At Speed Sprint we have made the process totally online and reduced paper work to minimum. No more running around for FMSCI licenses or Insurance or….

Follow Speed Sprint five easy steps of completing your entry:

Steps for entry:

  1. Make a race booking booking deposit of INR4,000 using PayUMoney gateway by clicking button below
  2. On successful payment is made you will be automatically redirected to online registration form.
  3. On the form fill in personal details and choose the category of race you are interested in and number of races you want to run. Based on this input your final entry fee is computed.
  4. On completion of this form you will get registration email detailing your entry and balance payable – after adjusting deposit – and payment options.
  5. After payment of balance is confirmed you will get entry confirmation email containing your entry form etc. You need to print the attachments in the email and bring these along on the event day.

If you need any further clarity please drop in an email at go@incarnationsports.in

Mentorship Program

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallHere is an opportunity to let India’s best rally driver mentor you at Speed Sprint XI.

Limited to only 5 drivers.

Gaurav Gill is the best Indian rally driver. He is a past winner of India’s National Rally Championship, National Road Racing Championship and FIA APRC Rally Indonesia 2008. In 2013 Gaurav Gill made history by becoming the first Indian driver to win the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.

Get Gaurav Gill to mentor you at Speed Sprint XI  in following manner:

  • He sits on board while you drive a round around track
  • He drives a round or two in your vehicle
  • He gives you tips on improving your timing
  • He watches out over your races
  • He discusses your races with you
  • He advises on future key improvement

To book you slot now click here


Speed Sprint Track

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallWe welcome EROS GROUP’S initiative to become our infrastructure partner for SPEED SPRINT XI. Breaking from past tradition we are sharing the track location in advance. Lakewood City is set on boundary of peacock lake at Suraj Kund Complex, Faridabad.


Exact track schematics will be released as usual 36 ours before the event.

All participants should be aware that no practice is allowed.

Screenshot from 2015-03-06 06:52:44



2015 Groups & Classes

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small It is unthinkable and unfair that a 800cc car can compete against a 2500cc one or against a motorcycle. And also equally unfair for first time newbie to be competing against a top professional or an expert.

So in order to even out competition groups and classes are formed as described below. Please take a while to read through and understand. We are available for answering any queries or questions through email by clicking here.

Please do read FAQ’s section also as many questions are already answered there.

4 Wheeler GROUPS

There are two groups for 4 wheelers. A non-expert can participate in group for experts but not other way around.  A person can participate in one or the other group but not both:

  • Zip : This is for newbies and those, while not new, who have not won any top honors in the past events.  All modifications are allowed in terms of suspension, tuning etc. to the cars.
  • Zap : This group is for people who are experts and have won overall positions in previous competitions.

CLASSES : Each group is further broken down in to classes based on the vehicle engine capacity. For vehicles with any form of forced induction system or gas charge systems – O.E. or aftermarket – the engine capacity will be multiplied by a factor of 1.5 to determine the class of participation. This keeps competition fair and interesting.

  1. Open
  2. Diesel Open
  3. Ladies Open
  4. SUV > 2000cc
  5. SUV < 2000cc
  6. Car Upto 1200cc
  7. Car Upto 1400cc
  8. Car Upto 1600cc
  9. Car Upto 2000cc
  10. Car > 2000cc
  11. Young Driver <25year

2 Wheeler GROUPS

There are three groups within Zoom category for 2 wheeler competition

  1. Modified or stock bikes
  2. Lady rider
  3. Local Open

Further the group modified or stock bikes will be broken down in to five classes:

  1. upto 135cc
  2. upto 165cc
  3. upto 250cc
  4. above 250cc
  5. open

Safety & Scrutiny

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallKeeping safety of all concerned in mind the listed parameters will be checked at scrutiny before vehicles are allowed to race. All participants are requested to make sure that their vehicles meet these norms. Failing to meet this can lead to disqualification from races.

4 Wheel

  1. Minimum three point seat belt
  2. Head restrain
  3. BIS approved helmet while racing
  4. Minimum 1mm tread depth on all tyres

2 Wheel

  1. Full face SNELL / FIA marked helmet meeting BSI standards
  2. Gloves
  3. Riding boots with ankle protection
  4. Knee guard
  5. Elbow guard
  6. Full arm and leg cover clothing

Rules Regulations

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small

Speed Sprint XI regulations for the event are linked below. All competitors are advised to read the same and guide themselves accordingly. Non compliance may invite sanctions that may cover exclusion. Not being aware is not an acceptable excuse.




All motor sports events are run under approval permit from Federation of Motorsports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and follow rules and regulation approved by them.

Supplementary Regulations are pertinent rules specific to the event in addition to general rules governing motor sports. For more details please visit www.fmsci.co.in

Registration, Race & Team Fee

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small

The three parts of fee structure for participating at Speed Sprint events in 2015 is outlined below:

1. Registration fee : INR1,000

This is one time per event and is charged equally from participants of all categories – 2 wheel or 4 wheel. This fee covers FMSCI one event license, insurance and participant facilitation on day of races. The rate remains the same for participants already holding FMSCI licenses.

2. Race fee : INR1,500~INR3,500

A fee per race to be run is charged differently for 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler. The quantum is also based on time of making the entry as described in the table below. Contestants are free to decide number of races they want to run, in one or multiple classes, to improve their chances of wining.

2 Wheeler 4 Wheeler
Standard entry 750 2500
Premium entry 1000 3000
Last day entry 2000 3500
Of the total races to be run the first 50% of entries are booked at standard rate and balance on premium rate. The entries done at the spot on race day are charged last day rates.

The fee is charged automatically based on number of races already registered and the list is available online here.

3. Team fee : INR1,000

For all entries that become part of any team to complete for the Team Trophy a per driver / rider fee is charged.

The entry fee is not refundable for non-shows or for races not completed.

Are you fast enough?