Speed Sprint Entry Procedure

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallMaking an entry in to motor sports has been made easy by Speed Sprint and you can do the entry totally online. The five step ease of making your entry are outlined below:

Steps for entry:

  1. Make a race booking booking deposit of INR4,000 using PayUMoney gateway by clicking button below
  2. On successful payment is made you will be automatically redirected to online registration form.
  3. On the form fill in personal details and choose the category of race you are interested in and number of races you want to run. Based on this input your final entry fee is computed.
  4. On completion of this form you will get registration email detailing your entry and balance payable – after adjusting deposit – and payment options.
  5. After payment of balance is confirmed you will get entry confirmation email containing your entry form etc. You need to print the attachments in the email and bring these along on the event day.

If you need any further clarity please drop in an email at go@incarnationsports.in

Speed Sprint Entry Form

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallPlease fill in the form below to complete your Speed Sprint race registration. After you complete this form you will receive registration acknowledgement by email. Follow instruction given in email to complete your entry and get confirmation of your participation. Your deposit paid will be adjusted towards total entry fee payable and you will need to pay for the balance amount only.

Rules Regulations

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Speed Sprint XI regulations for the event are linked below. All competitors are advised to read the same and guide themselves accordingly. Non compliance may invite sanctions that may cover exclusion. Not being aware is not an acceptable excuse.



All motor sports events are run under approval permit from Federation of Motorsports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and follow rules and regulation approved by them.

Supplementary Regulations are pertinent rules specific to the event in addition to general rules governing motor sports. For more details please visit www.fmsci.co.in

Speed Sprint X Results

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallCongratulations to all the winners and participants for a well enjoyed weekend.

Race # Catetgory Name Time
279 ZIP Arjun Rao 302.97
135 ZIP Bani Yadav 308.56
328 ZIP Krishna Sharma 308.70
TEAM TROPHY   TEAM Maruti Sports  
123 ZAP Amanpreet Ahluwalia 268.49
321 ZAP Jagbir Nirwan 272.57
199 ZAP Prateek Dalal 274.29
TEAM TROPHY   TEAM Autopsyche  
210 ZOOM Randeep Singh Sheoran 310.02
327 ZOOM Shardul Sharma 321.46
114 ZOOM Akshat Gautam 325.41


Category & Class wise results:



Race # Name Time
ZAP – +2000cc    
200 Prateek Dalal 274.76
296 Arjun Rao 299.01
300 Suresh Yadav 308.39
ZAP – <1200cc    
270 Lakshay veer Dabas 287.23
109 Achintya Mehrotra 290.99
159 Gaurav Shrivastava 294.68
ZAP – <1400cc    
118 Amanpreet Ahluwalia 277.46
316 Gaurav Shrivastava 289.72
182 Mohd Yusuf 292.28
ZAP – <1600cc    
321 Nirwan 272.57
121 Amanpreet Ahluwalia 275.27
161 Gaurav Shrivastava 289.78
ZAP – <2000cc    
123 Amanpreet Ahluwalia 268.49
272 Gaurav Shrivastava 290.06
165 Jaideep Singh 291.01
ZAP – 4WD +2000cc    
139 Bani Yadav 314.54
235 Simarjeet Singh 319.96
301 Suresh Yadav 338.41
ZAP – 4WD < 2000cc    
124 Amanpreet Ahluwalia 284.18
207 Puneet Jain 314.74
240 Simarjeet Singh 324.26
ZAP – Diesel (any engine capacity)    
199 Prateek Dalal 274.29
280 Arjun Rao 294.14
138 Bani Yadav 301.95
ZAP – Ladies (any engine capacity)    
137 Bani Yadav 299.73
ZAP – Open (any engine capacity)    
122 Amanpreet Ahluwalia 268.93
166 Jaideep Singh 284.41
284 Gaurav Shrivastava 294.03
ZAP – Youngster (drivers younger than 21 years)    
128 Arjun Rao 304.69
306 Arshveer 354.84
ZIP – +2000cc    
295 Arjun Rao 310.67
297 Bani Yadav 314.99
303 Ajayveer 340.50
ZIP – <1200cc    
326 Arpit Mangal 310.56
229 Siddhant Nagpal 319.06
263 Varun Khattar 351.57
ZIP – <1400cc    
287 Prabjeet 310.49
171 Kushal Mazumdar 319.13
319 Krishna Sharma 332.23
ZIP – <1600cc    
328 Krishna Sharma 308.70
174 Kushal Mazumdar 316.84
ZIP – <2000cc    
307 Bani Yadav 316.06
244 Suresh Yadav 317.90
309 Arjun Rao 318.35
ZIP – 4WD +2000cc    
136 Bani Yadav 327.92
233 Simarjeet Singh 333.37
243 Suresh Yadav 343.83
ZIP – 4WD < 2000cc    
324 Puneet Jain 322.23
317 Ajayveer 338.03
169 Kushal Mazumdar 342.60
ZIP – Diesel (any engine capacity)    
279 Arjun Rao 302.97
135 Bani Yadav 308.56
242 Suresh Yadav 316.77
ZIP – Ladies (any engine capacity)    
134 Bani Yadav 309.90
192 Nidhi Sharma 411.10
283 Neha Pathak 490.35
ZIP – Youngster (drivers younger than 21 years)    
126 Arjun Rao 315.19
305 Arshveer 337.33
102 Abhineet 411.07
ZOOM – Opem (any engine capacity)    
327 Shardul sharma 321.46
314 Vanshu Arora 345.12
221 Shahfaisal Khan 348.79
ZOOM – Upto 135cc    
262 Vanshu Arora 454.60
ZOOM – Upto 165cc    
115 Akshat Gautam 338.67
260 Vanshu Arora 376.38
Zoom – Upto 265    
210 Randeep Singh Sheoran 310.02
311 Aarif Saifi 340.17
310 Mohd. Akram 376.31
ZOOM – Upto 400cc    
114 Akshat Gautam 325.41
261 Vanshu Arora 353.49
225 Shardul sharma 363.02

Track location & layout

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small

At Speed Sprint we try and not give out track location early for two reasons. One we do not want people, with close access, to practice and gain advantage. Second reasons, even more important, is that we do not want local resident getting annoyed by the first.

Speed Sprint X will take place at 

DLF Garden City
Sector 92

To reach the location use map given below from Manesar Toll plaza shown at mid-right side.


After the toll do not take the second flyover but go off the ramp on left and take a right turn to reach the venue.

The proposed track layout will be as given below. This is subject to minor changes dictated by local condition.

Screenshot from 2014-12-03 08:25:17


Speed Sprint X – Time Schedule

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small

Schedule for the weekend:

Saturday December 13, 2014
Documentation – 0900hrs onward
Scrutiny – 0900hrs onward
Paid Track Trials – 1000hrs to 1200hrs
Drivers Briefing – 1230hrs
Race Gate Open – 1300hrs
Race Gate Close – 1700hrs

Sunday December 14, 2014
Documentation – 0800hrs onward
Scrutiny – 0800hrs onwards
Drivers Briefing – 0830hrs
Race Gate Open – 0900hrs
Race Gate Close – 1600hrs
Results – 1700hrs
Prize Distribution – 1800hrs

Gates will be open to all category of competitors for four hours on Saturday and seven hours on Sunday. It is up to competitors complete their races within this time. It is advised that each competitor should complete as early as possible to avoid disappointment of not completing their races.

Any competitor can avail of paid Track Trial on Saturday. Limited to only 60 slots on first come first serve basis @INR500 per slot.

Track Surface Video

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small

A short burst track video from various parts of the track to show the over all quality of surface to be expected at Speed Sprint X

About 50% of the track length is of double lane hard tarmac surface. The balance is single lane new tarmac. The road has sidewalls almost continuously.

Track Schematic

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small

A Schematic layout of actual track is being released now. Track video would be added later today. The start and end are separated by 100 meters with pit area to the right of starts.

There are only two or three hand brake turns and for the Zip category there would be two braking boxes. Two handbrake turns are in tight tarmac while the third is optional as you can do a full lock turn easily in any direction.



Total track length is just over five kilometers without speed breakers.

Expect nice spectating areas around the end of straights and the last twisty segment before the end.

Are you fast enough?