Vehicle Preparation

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallIn this area Sudev will share short articles about vehicle builds and modifications that can boost the capability of your vehicle many folds and give you an edge in the competition. This area will also bring here some stories from tuners about actual build project and costs involved.

Not being involved with any garage or running his own automotive business Sudev is able to form overview opinions that are not biased. These area will deal with generic directions that a motor sport enthusiasts should look in to and not carried away by jargon or sales talk.

You are welcome to post comments and ask questions. This field is ever growing. Experience and feedback of project builds by modifiers and tuners keeps adding to knowledge base.

What do you want to do?

Choosing the right platform is one of the most important steps that you will take and agonize over. If you have luxury of owning multiple vehicles to cater to all your racing interests, and more, then this is not a complex matter. But for majority of us this is a dream. So choosing a right […]

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Money Myth

Building a fast car is always a matter of money but first first let us burst a myth More money = Fast car Not true. Spend your money wisely and not foolishly. More money can get you an expensive car but not necessarily a fast car. What is a fast car then? A fast car does […]

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