Track Commentary


Track layout at Speed Sprint IX, Jaipur, is given below.TrackLayoutThe total length of track is almost touching 5 kilometers encompassing almost 40 direction changes. Now that will call for handful driving if you are looking for winning podium place.

We count 8 handbrake turns in the  circuit. Two of them are actually drift turns and if any driver takes a Scandinavian flick approach to these turns he can be rewarded in time penalties.

While generally the track surface is good there are two places where there are two or three area of pot holes where you need to tread carefully.

Which tyres will work better? In our opinion slicks will give lesser grip as there is some loose surface. All terrain will work better as will highway patterns.


Entry & Regulations 1408

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallThe inaugural drag is proposed to be held within four classes.  If the situation warrant the number of classes my be increased. All modifications are permitted and no turbo factor is applicable to engine capacity.

To directly confirm your entry follow two steps:

  1. Make online payment here using credit-card/debit-card/net-banking
  2. Then complete your entry form here using the payment code generated in step #1.

Alternately you can register first and then pay at our bank. To make your entry registration click here. Use code “Direct” on first page to indicate that you will make direct payment later. However this registration will not be confirmed as entry till you make the payment and send details to us.

Download detailed regulations from link below

Speed Sprint Drag 2014

Registration for Entry

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallIt is has been our aim to reduce the entry registration process and paperwork to minimum while also ensuring that you do not have to make multiple trips in order to enjoy racing.

We have made some changes for improving the flow of registration process by incorporating online payment step to to register your entry for Speed Sprint. Now the following steps need be taken:

  • Pay a booking deposit (adjustable against total fee) at PayUMoney (click here)
  • After you make payment you will be sent a link to Speed Sprint registration page where you will be required to fill in details plus the reference number of your PayUMoney receipt.
  • On submission of registration form you will get email giving you registration information, your pre-filled entry form and balance payment due information.
  • Print and sign the attached documents with email and bring it along with necessary photocopies.
  • Pay balance due amount to our bank account detailed in the email.

The exact entry fee will be determined at the time you register your full details at step #3 and is based on availability of standard or premium race slots.

The booking deposit paid at PayUMoney is not entry fee. The booking deposit will be adjusted against your entry fee payable and only balance is to be paid to complete your entry. This is not a refundable deposit and can only be adjusted against total fee due for your races.

In case you do not want to pay online through PayUMoney but will deposit money directly at our bank click here to send us email intimation. You will get return email detailing the procedure.

Schedule of Entry Fee

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallSpeed Sprint Entry fee structure is based on how many races are already subscribed at the time of your making the entry. Early birds are rewarded with slightly lower entry fee. Each entry is for one race around the track.

Standard Premiuim Last Day
ZIP 1500 2000 3000
ZAP 1500 2000 3000
ZOOM 500 1000 1500


In addition there is per person registration charge of Rs1,000 irrespective of number of races run by the individual.

The number of races we can run on a Speed Sprint Sunday depend on factors like the track, season of event etc. Generally we are able to run 180~200 races in a day. Following limits are used for standard races and beyond that premium races are charged:

ZIP 50
ZAP 50

Group & Class

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small It is unthinkable and unfair that a 800cc car can compete against a 2500cc one or against a motorcycle. And also equally unfair for first time newbie to be competing against a top professional or an expert.

In order to even out competition three groups are formed for Speed Sprint races. Please take a while to read through and understand. We are available for answering any queries or questions through email by clicking here. Please do read FAQ’s section also as many questions are already answered there.


Zip : This is for newbies and those, while not new, who have not won any top honors in the past events. This group is to encourage them to compete with participants in similar level of expertise. All modifications are allowed in terms of suspension, tuning etc. to the cars. It is not permitted in this group to use add-on forced induction or gas charge systems.

Zap : This group is for people who are experts and have won overall positions in previous competitions. Also in this group modifications not allowed in Zip are also allowed. Also all rally prepared vehicles will fall in to this group.

Zoom : This is group for motorcycles and such two wheeler’s.


Each group above is broken down further in to classes based on the vehicle engine capacity and some other parameter to keep competition fair and interesting.

For 4 wheeler’s classes are:

    1. Upto 1200cc
    2. Upto 1400cc
    3. Upto1600cc
    4. Open (any engine capacity)
    5. Diesel (any engine capacity)
    6. SUV’s with engine capacity over 2000cc
    7. Ladies (any engine capacity)
    8. Youngster (drivers younger than 21 year)

For 2 wheeler’s classes are:

    1. Upto 135cc
    2. Upto 165cc
    3. Upto 250cc
    4. Open (any engine capacity)
    5. Local (only for drivers with license issued from city of event)


Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallWhat is a Speed Sprint?
Speed Sprint is a single stage sprint rally that is run on tarmac surface. The track varies in length from 3 km to 7 km.
What is a category / group?
Speed Sprint is run in three categories. Zip. Zap. Zoom. All category use the same track.
What is difference in Zip Zap Zoom?
Zip is for novice drives using cars with or without tuning modifications. Zap is for expert drivers or participants with rally prepared cars. Zoom category is for two wheeler participants.
Which vehicle can I drive?
You can drive any vehicle including normal road going cars. Each category has classes based on considerations like engine capacity, ladies, local, open etc.
Who can enter?
 Any one with a valid driving license can enter Speed Sprint with vehicle(s) of their choice.
How can I enter?
You register online. You will get pre-filled form by email that you need to sign and bring to the event. Email will also give direction on payment and amount based on number of slots booked by you.
What is a slot?
Each entry is termed a slot in Speed Sprint. We have limited time window available to complete the competition hence available slots are limited.
How many tries are allowed per slot?
With each entry – slot – we allow one run of the track.
How many slots can I book?
You can book multiple slots in one class or group or multiple groups.
If I enter multiple times can I win multiple prizes?
Within one category – Zip/Zap/Zoom you can win only one overall prize. However within each group you can also win class prize once. However to do this you would have to register for multiple slots.
Can I enter different group/class using a single slot?
No. You will have to do multiple entries for competing in different groups / classes
How can I enter multiple group / class?
By doing multiple entries you can enter different groups / classes with the same driver + vehicle combination. A vehicle in smaller class can always compete in a higher class.
Can I transfer my entry?
Sorry. You cannot transfer entry. The vehicle may be changed any time up to scrutiny but change of driver is not permitted.

Are you fast enough?