Track Layout

Due to practise concerns the track schematics are being released only 15 hours before the event.

At the event site the layout of race office is generally depicted below::

Kindly understand the competition flow would be as follows:

  1. Collect your race cards from race desk at DLF Skycourt (location shared by in your confirmation email).
  2. Report at start of stage #1 and park in race queue
  3. Run race on stage #1
  4. Transport to stage #2 within ten minutes and park in race queue
  5. Get your transport time noted by marshal at race queue on stage #2
  6. Run race on stage #2
  7. Run additional race cards, in any, in same loop
  8. Finish races and park at DLF Skycourt
  9. Results would be displayed at race desk through VGONext system and also on the web

Stage #1 – 3.2 kilometre length all tarmac

The track schematics are broken down in to four screenshots below for sake of clarity.

Right after the start there is a short straight with a handbrake turn at the end (#01). Then a medium left hander followed by a ninety left and right (#02). Watch out for repair pit and narrow neck while you approach a fast left (#03). Keep a lookout for the repair pit on the left as you prepare for next ninety right shown in the next track picture.

Ninety right is followed by a sharp right (#04). Then a looping fast left (#05) takes you to a long straight. Keep watch for the construction pit on left. At end of straight there is a U turn that can be done spectacularly by handbrake (#06). Again a long straight back in to a sharp left with narrow lane straight (#07). The next ninety right is fast if you can keep your nerves.(#08)

Next comes a chicane of sorts followed by a long straight (#09). Unlike last time the chicane would have cone markers and knocking any will invite penalty. The long straight goes in to easy right (#10) followed immediately by a U turn on a narrow lane (#11) daring you to try a handbrake switch. Exit through a right and a left (#12) after a small straight brings up another ninety left (#13). Next two right handers are confusing not only because the first one is unexpectedly angled but also because the second one is where people may get confused (#14). Again two right angled ninety rights (#15) complete the loop. This bring you back to the unexpectedly angled right (#16). Do not get confused here and take the first right but continue straight to next (or if you prefer second turn) ninety right (#17) shown in the next picture. 

After successfully completing the confusing ninety right (#17) there is series of three ninety lefts (#18 & #19) so that we make even scores of lefts and right turns. A ninety right followed by a narrow gate and then a ninety right again (#20) brings you to the finish line of stage 1. Come to complete stop at stop line if you do not want to “earn” a 60 seconds penalty.


Stage #2 – 600 metre all tarmac 

A timed transport from stage #1 to stage #2 follows. If you are late you will be given penalty in rounded minutes!!! AND you do not want that when competition is being fought in milliseconds.

Stage #2 is easy peasy but shows us if you can handle handbrake tuns with finesse. Start straight in to a ninety left (#1) and then a long straight beyond the narrow constriction. All of a sudden you are in a wide area and in to a hand brake switch back after – AFTER – crossing the cone markers (#2). Back in to long straight and again a handbrake switchback U turn around clutch of cone (#3). Repeat at next clutch of cones (#4) and then a home run to exit through sweeping fast right ninety (#5).  Cross timing beam as fast as you can but then make sure you come to complete stop before the stop line else 60 seconds penalty.

The emphasis of the first track would be how smoothly you can line up the direction changes well in advance and make it through with fastest time. There are three handbrake turns lined up with two of them with wide road width while the third is tight!

The second track while testing you on handbrake turns will also test your skill with you vehicles quick handling under pressure situation.

Track to Track transport map



One car at a time would be started off and unless the car ahead is really slow there would be hardly any opportunity to catch up.

Tracks brought to you courtesy DLF Gardencity.