Registration, Race & Team Fee

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The three parts of fee structure for participating at Speed Sprint events is outlined below:

1. Registration fee : INR1,000

This is one time per event and is charged equally from participants of all categories – 2 wheel or 4 wheel -and participant facilitation on day of races. . This fee does not cover FMSCI license or insurance.

2. Race fee : INR1,000~INR4,000

A fee per race to be run is charged differently for 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler. The quantum is also based on time of making the entry as described in the table below. Contestants are free to decide number of races they want to run, in one or multiple classes, to improve their chances of wining.

SPECIAL – First 80 races in 4W category get standard rate

  2 Wheeler  4 Wheeler (60 races)
Standard entry 500

first 30 races booked


first 60 races booked

Premium entry 750

after 30 races


after 60 races

Last day entry 1000 4000

Roughly of the total races to be run the first 50% of expected entries are booked at standard rate and balance on premium rate. The entries done at the spot on race day are charged last day rates.

The fee is charged automatically based on number of races already registered and the list is available online here.

3. Team fee : INR2,000

For all entries that become part of any team to complete for the Team Trophy a per driver / rider fee is charged.

The entry fee is not refundable for non-shows or for races not completed.