2015 Groups & Classes

Speed Sprint Logo 02 Small It is unthinkable and unfair that a 800cc car can compete against a 2500cc one or against a motorcycle. And also equally unfair for first time newbie to be competing against a top professional or an expert.

So in order to even out competition groups and classes are formed as described below. Please take a while to read through and understand. We are available for answering any queries or questions through email by clicking here.

Please do read FAQ’s section also as many questions are already answered there.

4 Wheeler GROUPS

There are two groups for 4 wheelers. A non-expert can participate in group for experts but not other way around.  A person can participate in one or the other group but not both:

  • Zip : This is for newbies and those, while not new, who have not won any top honors in the past events.  All modifications are allowed in terms of suspension, tuning etc. to the cars.
  • Zap : This group is for people who are experts and have won overall positions in previous competitions.

CLASSES : Each group is further broken down in to classes based on the vehicle engine capacity. For vehicles with any form of forced induction system or gas charge systems – O.E. or aftermarket – the engine capacity will be multiplied by a factor of 1.5 to determine the class of participation. This keeps competition fair and interesting.

  1. Open
  2. Diesel Open
  3. Ladies Open
  4. SUV > 2000cc
  5. SUV < 2000cc
  6. Car Upto 1200cc
  7. Car Upto 1400cc
  8. Car Upto 1600cc
  9. Car Upto 2000cc
  10. Car > 2000cc
  11. Young Driver <25year

2 Wheeler GROUPS

There are three groups within Zoom category for 2 wheeler competition

  1. Modified or stock bikes
  2. Lady rider
  3. Local Open

Further the group modified or stock bikes will be broken down in to five classes:

  1. upto 135cc
  2. upto 165cc
  3. upto 250cc
  4. above 250cc
  5. open