Categories, Groups & Classes

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallTechnically Speed Sprint is two competitions running concurrently. One for cars and other for bikes.

There are three categories, as listed below, to give wider choice to participants, especially first time entrants.

For cars there are two groups:

  • Zip : This is category for normal road going cars and needs no special preparations. This category is only for novice drivers who are first timers or have participated earlier but didi not win any overall position.
  • Zap : This is category is meant for participation by professionals and for those who are participating with highly performance modified cars. Also all participants in rally prepared cars come in to this category.

For bikes there is one group:

  • Zoom : This category is for motor cycles. Machines and riders have to meet safety regulations of FMSCI including riding gear.

Within each of the above groups and classes are formed based on engine capacity and some other special criterion. The groups and classes in each category are listed below.

For each entry you will have to declare which group or class you are entering. This declaration has to be given at time of races at race secretariat. If you need any help you can contact race secretariat at the venue.

To encourage competition more groups or classes may be formed before start of races and the entrants will have choice to race under any of the declared groups.

ZIP Groups

Entry is open to only Novice drivers

ZAP Groups

Entry is open to all drivers

Within each group the following classes would be formed, subject to minimum of three entries being registered. In case a class is not formed it will be merged in to higher cubic capacity class, if available, or in to the Open class:

  1. Ladies Open
  2. Upto 1200cc
  3. Upto 1400cc
  4. Upto 1600cc
  5. Diesel Open
  6. 4X4 Open
  7. SUV’s not less than 2000cc
  8. Open

For Forced Induction vehicles a factor of 1.5 will be applied to basic engine capacity for determination of group. A similar factor would be applied for vehicles having gas charge system on board irrespective of the fact that it is used or otherwise.

There shall be NO amalgamation of Groups.

Speed Sprint Zoom will have following groups and class.

  1. Modified or Stock bikes in following classes
    1. upto 135cc
    2. upto 165cc
    3. upto 165cc
    4. upto 250cc
    5. above 250cc
  2. Local open
  3. Novice open

In case a group is not formed then the entries will only compete for overall classification. A group will not be formed if there are fewer than four entries registered. There shall be NO amalgamation of Groups.

In case a class if not formed it will be merged with the higher cubic capacity class. A higher class will not be merged with lower class. A class will not be formed if there are fewer than four entries registered.