2014 FAQ’s

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallWhat is a Speed Sprint?

Speed Sprint is a single stage sprint rally that is run on tarmac surface. The track varies in length from 4 km to 7 km.

What is a category?

Speed Sprint is run in three categories. Zip. Zap. Zoom. All category use the same track.

What is difference in Zip Zap Zoom?

Zip is for first time and novice participants using normal road going cars.

Zap is for pro’s and drivers using cars that are rally prepared or cars with an add on turbo or such forced/injected inductions or cars where engine has been swapped.

Zoom category is for two wheeler participants.

Which category do I enter?

  • Did you win overall podium in any previous event?
  • Are you driving a rally prepared car?
  • Have you added forced induction / injection system to your car?
  • Have you swapped engine of your car?

If answer for any of the above is YES then you have to enter ZAP category.

Which vehicle can I drive?

You can drive any vehicle including normal road going cars. Each category has groups based on considerations like engine capacity, ladies, local, open etc.

Who can enter?

Any one with a valid driving license can enter Speed Sprint with vehicle(s) of their choice.

How can I enter?

You register online. You will get pre-filled form by email that you need to sign and bring to the event. Email will also give direction on payment and amount based on number of slots booked by you.

What is a slot?

Each entry is termed a slot in Speed Sprint. We have limited time window available to complete the competition hence available slots are limited.

How many tries are allowed per slot?
With each entry – slot – we allow one run of the track. You can book more than one slot.

How many slots can I book?

You can book multiple slots in one class or group or multiple groups. You can only run a rally car or car with modified/forced induction/injection in Zap category.

If I enter multiple times can I win multiple prizes?

Within one category – Zip/Zap/Zoom you can win only one overall prize. However within each group you can also win group prize once. However to do this you would have to register for multiple slots.In case of more than one entry is made, in the same group or class, only the entry representing the best time will be considered.

Can I enter different group/class using a single slot?

No. You will have to do multiple entries for competing in different groups / classes

How can I enter multiple group / class?

By doing multiple entries you can enter different groups / classes with the same driver + vehicle combination. A vehicle in smaller class can always compete in a higher class.

Can I transfer my entry?

Sorry. You cannot transfer entry. The vehicle may be changed any time up to scrutiny but change of driver is not permitted.

Who can participate 

Any person above the age of 18 years and holding a valid driving license can participate after making an entry and paying applicable fee. 

Where will it be held

See the event pages for details of event venue. Usually these are held in middle of city with lots of spectators.

When will it be held

Again see details on our event page for each event. Usually the event is held over a week end.

Who is a novice

A novice is a participant who has not won any overall podium position in any of past Speed Sprint, Autocross, Rally or Sprint event held within last three years.

What are Groups & Classes

To keep a level playing field groups and classes are created based on engine capacity or special categorization. The details of groups and classes are available on each event page and event regulations. While not mandatory it is usual to form special groups like Ladies, Local residents, Open etc.

What is Stock & Modified

STOCK: Everything is considered stock except when it is a Modified vehicle. All external modifications like body kits, spoilers, alloy wheels, low profile tyres/ larger wheels etc. are permitted.

MODIFIED: Any vehicle with modified with add on turbo or forced induction/injection system is considered modified. OR with swapped engine

Are any special preparations needed?

Not really. Any person can participate using a stock street legal car and still be able to qualify. It is more test of driving skills and ability than that of the car’s performance.

Can any car participate?

Yes, Any car of any manufacturer can participate.

Is it safe?

The track is specially designed to limit the speed of the cars and strict rules laid down by FMSCI are followed. Emergency services including a fully equipped Ambulance are deployed at event to deal with any untoward incidents.

Can I share a car? Can many persons drive the same car?

Yes. There is no restriction on the number of persons driving a single vehicle car. Any combination of drivers and vehicles in multiples can be made. Each entry allows only one drive and multiple entries are allowed. The same car can be driven by several different persons or the same person can drive several cars.

Can my friends come and watch me?

Sure, Spectators and supporters are more than welcome. They can also participate in blog or photo competition run concurrently and submit their entries to win some exciting prizes as well.

Do I need competition license?

The entry fee covers the cost of FMSCI Competition license that is mandatory. We will take care of your licensing procedures.

What is special insurance cover?

Motor sports carry high risk and so FMSCI covers each participant with a special insurance cover of Rupees Two Lacs. In addition to this we also arrange insurance cover for you for similar amount premium for which is part of entry fee.