Speed Sprint 09’13 : Track

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallThe most awaited input by all competitors is the track layout.

Well here it is the beta version of the track layout.

Screenshot from 2013-09-20 14:21:14The overall length is 7.1 km from start gate to finish.

There are 16~18 turns. There will be additional chicanes and slaloms to keep speeds within the mandated limits for Zip category. Zap and Zoom have really long straights to enjoy themselves.

It is important to note that after start when competitors come to the turn at top right corner they have to take a sweeping left hander the first time. This brings them back rejoin the track just after start gate. Again they approach the junction at top right corner and this time, second time, they have to take a 180 degree right hand switch back.

Speed Sprint 09'13 Overview

Thereafter series of lefts and right take them almost to the main road (not visible on the lower right hand corner) where another 180 degree turn brings them back to home straight.

Surface is good to average tarmac. We may have a small stretch of less than 200 meter of gravel tarmac.Screenshot from 2013-09-20 14:23:07

The hop points are also marked on the map. The total over view is given in this screen capture on the left hand.





Screenshot from 2013-09-20 14:19:29Close up of administrative and scrutiny area.

The red laine is the braking zone. This time more than 200 meter of braking distance is provided after flying finish and any one not coming to full stop before the finish gate will be penalized with time penalties. This will be strictly enforced.

Immediately after the stop gate competitors can take a switch back right to rejoin the start gate queue or take a ninety left to get in to parking bays. The green lane is the general parking for competitors. All are advise to keep their vehicles in one lane and leave enough room for competitors to move up and down to start area or back after finish.

Speed Sprint 09'13 HoldingArea

Track office is marked with Yellow call out. Documentation will be done here and Race Cards will be issued from here.

The area marked with Brown is scrutiny bay and as usual it is competitors responsibility to get his vehicle pass scrutiny in time before the last race for his category s called.