Countdown Update


Date: September 09, 2012

Bright and early the track side started becoming bee hive of activity as competitors started arriving. Documentation, scrutiny, last minute tune up and overall anticipation created a controlled chaos.

Soon the roars of vehicles taking the start flag filled the air. Time watches were deployed to check competition. Last minute instructions were shouted. And then the race was on. Intense concentration to cover the for kilometer track was needed.

Before you knew it the run was over and then wait for results started along with discussion on what went well and how it all could improve.

Date: September 08, 2012

Entry list is closed and all participants are advised to get their document and vehicle scrutiny completed.

We have made special arrangements to issue Personal Accident Insurance to any participant who may require the same through National Insurance Company. This policy can be taken out by registering with us at the rally office up tp 21:00hrs today. 

Date: September 07, 2012

The track layout for SpeedSprint is released.
The start and end are at lower right hand corner.
First a straight for half a kilometre, then a kink to change lanes and again half kilometre straight.
A sweeping right hander followed by a kilometre of curving straight. Dive into a tight ninty right. Half a kilometre if straight into a bouncy ninty right.
A small straight into a sweeping left hander.

A small straight with bumps to watch. Thus goes into a sweeping left. A right curve into a tight and bumpy switch back. Sweeping left curve into a sweeping left turn. And into the flying finish while you are still trying to recover the rear end from the slide

Date: September 06, 2012

Special arrangements have been made to provide limited number of garage tents at the event site for participants. The rate per tent is Rs5000. Please contact the organizers for booking the tents on first come first serve basis.

Each garage tent will be of 30’x15′ size and will come with a table and five chairs. A cold box with cold drinks and water will also be provided. Competitors may join hands and share costs but please do note that there is space for only for maximum of one car at a time with the sitting space provided.

Date: September 05, 2012

Approved draft regulations are up at the web site. And can be seen / downloaded from the links. Please make sure that you have read the regulations and in case of any doubt you are free to contact any of the organizers or the CRO.

Standard entries in all category are complete and now only Premium entries are available. Do not wait as these are limited in numbers and will be completely full in no time.

We will announce our sponsors tomorrow.

Date: September 04, 2012

Team / bulk entries are gobbling up the slots and entries in Zap and Cross categories are nearing the end of standard entries. The fee applicable increases for premium slots and is monitored online on strictly first come first serve basis.

To make the whole race easy for competitors we have made provision for providing on site service tents. A limited number of service tents are available for participants / teams who would like to avail of such facility. The tent can accommodate two cars of six bikes. Two chairs and a table will also be provided @Rs5000. Contact Nikhil Jaspal of organizing team for booking. Already two service tents have been booked.

Date: September 03, 2012

Okay so one week left for inaugural SpeedSprint. On line entry updates available at to check out your competition. We hope to have a hotly contested race for the top honours. Are you going to win that?

People interested for marshaling at SpeedSprint should contact Nikhil Deep Singh Jaspal and register with him.

The site map and other information would be put up on Saturday, September 08, 2012.

Competitors please note that no practice is allowed. It is a very spectator friendly layout and you are welcome to drop in and have a look at speed devils doing there stuff.

Electronic beam timing equipment is being deployed to give accurate results. Picture below of high intensity laser beam timing system that will be deployed linked to computer RTC for very accurate results.

Date: August 15, 2012

The entry list for SpeedSprint is now open.

Three categories of competition have been incorporated : Zap, Cross and Moto. Each has a limited number of race slots available.