SpeedSprint Zap


SpeedSprint Zap
This is a single stage rally. It is open only to those vehicles that are prepared as per FMSCI safety regulations as applicable to rally vehicles including, but not limited to, mandatory roll-cage, four point seat belts and helmets to be worn by the driver.
The length of track will be approximately 4 kilometers and will be all tarmac surface with some slightly worn or rough patches. Tight turns coupled with high speed straights will be hall mark of the stage. Each entrant will be allowed two runs and best of the two would be taken for the final classifications.
Maximum Entries : 40
1. Upto 1100cc
2. Upto 1400cc

3. Above 1400cc
4. Ladies
5. Novice
6. Diesel
7. 4X4
A factor of 1.5 times will be applied for turbocharged vehicles to determine the engine capacity.