Special Categories

Speed Sprint Logo 02 SmallIn order to promote motor sport among novices SpeedSprint has made special groups for such persons in each category of participation. To eliminate the fear of not being able to win such category of people will compete with people of similar levels.

All these categories are available for two wheeler as well as four wheeler category competition. The special categories are:

Lady drivers can opt to compete in this category or they can, at their discretion, enter the open competition. Or both.
“Competing against other female drivers and coming out tops give you a big high.” Says Nidhi Aulakh, the fastest lady on track during last Speed Sprint. Seen below receiving the winners trophy.
Newbies have the fear that being beginner they will not be able to compete with people having previous motor-sport experience. This is not strictly true. But in any case to encourage people with no experience but desire to complete there is category for novices.
People from greater Chandigarh – city and suburbs – have the option of competing within themselves. Again they can put entry to compete in open or other classes as well.