Rules & Fees

Simple and straightforward regulations govern the event. The objective is to traverse the course within minimum time. The course will be same for all vehicles in each of the categories.

Each vehicle will be given a green light signal to start and the timing counters will start rolling. At the end there is a laser and trip wire system that will record the exact time of crossing. The time taken will be counted towards determining the winners.

There are three categories of events:

SpeedSprint Cross:

For all types and makes of cars. No special preparation needed except a road worthy car with seat belts and driver wearing a BIS approved helmet.

SpeedSprint Zap: 

Open only to cars prepared as per FMSCI regulations governing rally sports. Roll cage and other safety mandated feature are a must. An out and out extreme speed event.

SpeedSprint Moto:

Open for two wheeler’s conforming the FMSCI safety regulations as applicable to rallying.

Each category is sub-divided in to groups and classes for classifications.

Scope of SpeedSprint format means:

  1. Fastest driver wins
  2. Multiple drivers can share a single vehicle
  3. Multiple vehicle can be driven by single driver
  4. Multiple races can be entered (restricted to maximum of three races per category to allow maximum participation)
  5. Fee is per race entry

Entry Fee

Entry fee schedule for SpeedSprint is based on maximum number of runs (race slots) allowed as estimated by the organizers.

There are two levels of fee’s applicable:

Standard fee and Premium fee.

Standard fee is applicable for 75% of the race slots and are available for entries on strictly first come first served basis. Balance 25% race slots and are 1.5 times the standard fee. To give opportunity to maximum number of participants maximum of three multiple entries will be accepted.

SpeedSprint Cross – Race slots 70:

  • Standard fee (55 slots)
    • first run : Rs3000
    • Subsequent runs : Rs2500
  • Premium fee (15 slots)
    • first run : Rs4500
    • Subsequent runs : Rs4000

SpeedSprint Auto – Race slots 40:

  • Standard fee (30 slots)
    • first run : Rs3500
    • Subsequent runs : Rs3000
  • Premium fee (10 slots)
    • first run : Rs5250
    • Subsequent runs : Rs4750

SpeedSprint Moto – Race slots 40:

  • Standard fee (30 slots)
    • first run : Rs1000
    • Subsequent runs : Rs750
  • Premium fee (10 slots)
    • first run : Rs1500
    • Subsequent runs : Rs1250


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